Personalized Solar Modern Door Plaque

$49.95 $99.95

Introducing our Personalized Solar Door Plaque: Illuminate Your Home with Style and Convenience

Elevate your home's entrance with our sleek and modern Personalized Solar Door Plaque. Crafted from durable 5mm thick matte acrylic, this innovative design features hidden bracket fixings, creating a stunning floating effect against any wall.

What sets our plaque apart is its integration of cutting-edge technology. Customize your plaque with your door number and street name for a truly personalized touch. 

The Brushed Aluminum Solar Light harnesses the power of sunlight through its built-in solar panels, converting it into electricity to charge an internal rechargeable battery. As dusk approaches, the built-in light sensor automatically activates the lights, casting a warm and welcoming glow. During the day, the lights turn off to conserve energy and utilize solar power for recharging.

Installation is a breeze with our hassle-free design. No drills or complicated instructions needed – simply peel off the backing and securely attach the plaque to your door or entrance area using the included 3M adhesive. For non-smooth wall surfaces, we provide hidden mounting holes and fixtures, ensuring compatibility with any wall type.

  • Material: High-quality Acrylic
  • Dimensions: 25cm x 15cm
Package Includes:
  • Personalized Solar Modern Door Plaque × 1
Illuminate your home with personalized style, convenience, and eco-friendly functionality – get your Personalized Solar Door Plaque today!

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